What Is My Acne Telling Me?

The position in which pimples appear on the face can point to their cause. Identifying the cause of the problem will mean it can be treated appropriately.

So let’s examine this fact further.

ZONES 1 & 2: Digestive System and Bladder

– Drink more water
– Improve diet by eating more raw foods (e.g. fruits and vegetables)
– Eat less processed or junk food
– Cut out sugar and reduce bad fats
– Work out if there is any possible food allergies or intolerances
– Remove alcohol
– Reduce stress (e.g. do some yoga)
– Get enough sleep
– Take some probiotics and digestive enzymes

ZONE 3: Liver and Stomach

– Eat less meat and dairy
– Remove alcohol, sugar and greasy processed food
– Eat more healthy foods including organic fruits and vegetables
– Remove any food allergies or intolerances
– Drink lemon and warm water each morning
– Get plenty of fresh air and light exercise daily
– Relax and slow down (try some meditation and yoga)
– Get adequate sleep so liver can rest

ZONES 4 & 5: Kidneys

– Drink more water
– Remove drinks that dehydrate such as coffee, alcohol and fizzy soft drinks
– Replenish the adrenals with early nights
– Change table salt to sea salt

ZONE 6: Heart

– Keep blood pressure in check
– Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
– Make some lifestyle adjustments
– Get more fresh air and exercise to aid toxin removal
– Eat more “good” fats (e.g. avocados, nuts, fish, olives, and flax seed)
– Eat less acidic foods
– Reduce levels of animal fats and protein

ZONES 7 & 8: Kidneys

– Drink up once again with extra water!
– Cut out soft drinks, coffee and alcohol which further dehydrate
– Use only sea salt in the diet

ZONES 9 & 10: Lungs and Colon

– Quit smoking if you’re a smoker
– Avoid pollution
– Eliminate any allergies
– Avoid overheating by heating more cooling foods (e.g. salads, juices)
– Get more fresh air and exercise
– Reduce stress levels
– Eliminate acidic foods (e.g. meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar) and add more alkalizing foods (e.g. green smoothies using cucumber, celery, lettuce, lemon/lime and dark green leafy vegetables)
– Make healthier food choices and increase dietary fibre (e.g. eating more fruits and vegetables)

ZONES 11 & 12: Colon and Reproductive System

– Reduce stress
– Adjust any hormonal imbalances or overactivity (e.g. oestrogen excess from adrenal fatigue). Work with your practitioner to check your hormone levels
– Aim to get adequate sleep
– Drink plenty of water
– eat more leafy vegetables

ZONE 13: Intestines, Kidneys and Reproductive System

– Increase fibre intake (e.g. chia seeds or psyllium husks) and eat a balanced diet to improve digestion
– Reduce stress and toxin levels
– Drink plenty of water
– Drink herbal teas (e.g. nettle leaf tea for adrenals)
– Reduce “bad” fats and sweets
– Remove caffeine and alcohol consumption

ZONE 14: Illness

– Drink plenty of fluids
– Get lots of rest
– Eat well and perhaps a lesser amount, or even intermittent fasting
– Supplement with vitamins as needed (e.g. Vitamin C)
– Take a gentle yoga class to aid relaxation and to reconnect to the Earth (get “grounded”)
– Practice deep breathing

Healthy digestion = Good skin

Even when there are no obvious digestive symptoms, it is vital to still work on supporting the gut, as there is always an improvement toward clearer skin.

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