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I offer Naturopathic consultations via appointment only. My focus is to develop a comprehensive solution to your health concerns, utilizing integrative and functional medicine, which focuses on finding the root cause of your disease.

We will chat together and discuss your signs and symptoms, review recent blood tests to examine any imbalances, discuss your current nutritional intake, and also look at other factors, such as your health history, lifestyle influences, sleep pattern, stress management, and any triggers that may be preventing you from reaching the health you desire.

I also offer free email access for answers to any questions between consultation appointments. However, when the last appointment is greater than two months, a new follow-up consult must be booked. If the last consult was greater than six months ago, an extended consult will need to occur.

Unusual circumstances call for a change in how we work together. Thankfully, I am well-stocked on all levels of products in my practice – I sadly envisaged this outcome with a pandemic status and confidently stocked up.

In order to ensure the safety of all my client’s from the COVID-19 outbreak and the continual running of my practice, I have decided that as of Monday, March 30th all consultations will be via distant/offsite consultations.

“Distant/Offsite” means phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype but can mean other methods as I progress forth and if a client prefers.

**Please note – ALL offsite bookings require FULL PAYMENT ahead of the consults taking place.

To schedule a consultation with me, click on the button below this page or call 1800 96 20 20. 

***SPECIAL*** Offsite COVID-19 Consultation: 30-45 minutes – $60

  1. This unique consult is designed specifically to assist you to cope with the stress and anxiety you are dealing with at this difficult time during the Coronavirus pandemic, along with building up your first line of defense – your immune system.
  2. The focus will be immune-boosting with anti-viral & lung support, along with helping your body and mind adapt to stress.
  3. Nutritional supplementation and herbs will be utilized along with any dietary/lifestyle changes.
  4. This is available for NEW or EXISTING clients.

Offsite Initial Consultation: 90-120 minutes – $195

  1. A comprehensive analysis of presenting complaints with relevant treatment regimens.
  2. Before this consultation, you will be asked to complete a brief intake questionnaire form, which you will receive via an email once your booking is confirmed.
  3. This intake form is a requirement of all initial clients which needs to be completed and returned to me as soon as possible and no later than the previous business day before the planned consultation. Monday appointments must especially have their intake form returned by the previous Friday at 8 pm. 
  4. If I fail to receive the intake form in time, the initial appointment will need to be cancelled and rescheduled for another day.
  5. I also request any recent pathology which can either be sent to me before the consult or supplied directly to me on the consult day.

** NO INITIAL BOOKINGS AT 6 PM – please refrain from choosing this time for initial consults (since the session will finish at 8 pm). Initial consults require full concentration to absorb what is being said during this comprehensive analysis. There is no denying we all struggle to absorb extensive information when we are tired.

If this is your only time available, please email me first to discuss the possibility of running a consult at this time.

Offsite Follow-Up Consultation: 45-60 minutes – $95

  1. A review consultation to assess treatment progression and to provide further guidance going forth.

Offsite Extended Consultation: 90-120 minutes – $195

  1. An extended consultation to investigate a client’s condition more deeply or for complex chronic conditions requiring more time.
  2. This is needed also for existing clients returning post 6 months of their last consult.

Review Consultation: 30-45 minutes – $60

  1. This is only necessary to review, reassess and adjust a client’s progression between regular monthly consults as needed.
  2. This is ONLY available for existing clients.
  3. This service CANNOT be booked online or phone and is ONLY booked via me when a review is needed.

Cancellation Fees:

A fee of $50 will incur for any cancellations (initial, follow-up or extended) made on the day of the scheduled appointment since that spot can now no longer be given to someone else.