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I offer Naturopathic consultations via appointment only. My focus is to develop a comprehensive solution to your health concerns, utilizing integrative and functional medicine, which focuses on finding the root cause of your disease.

We will sit down together and discuss your signs and symptoms, review recent blood tests to examine any imbalances, discuss your current nutritional intake, and also look at other factors, such as your health history, lifestyle influences, sleep pattern, stress management, and any triggers that may be preventing you from reaching the health you desire.

I am passionate about “food as medicine”, so I provide customized nutritional recommendations along with personalized dietary plans. Professional-grade nutritional supplements and individualized herbal liquid formulations are also added to support health improvement.

I also offer free email access for answers to any questions between consultation appointments. However, when the last appointment is greater than two months, a new follow-up consult must be booked. If the last consult was greater than six months ago, an extended consult will need to occur.

Initial Consultation: 60-120 minutes – $140

  • A comprehensive analysis of presenting complaints with relevant treatment regimens.
  • Before this consultation, you will be asked to complete a brief intake questionnaire, which you will receive via an email once your booking is confirmed.
  • This intake form is a requirement of all initial clients which needs to be completed and returned to me as soon as possible and no later than the day before the planned consultation.
  • If I fail to receive the intake form in time, the initial appointment will need to be cancelled and rescheduled for another day.

Follow-Up Consultation: 30-60 minutes – $95

  • A review consultation to assess treatment progression and to provide further guidance going forth.

Extended Consultation: 60-120 minutes – $140

  • An extended consultation to investigate a client’s condition more deeply or for complex chronic conditions requiring more time.

To schedule a consultation with me, click on the button below or call 1800 96 20 20

Please note initial consultation bookings require a $50 deposit at the time of booking.

A fee of $50 will incur for any cancellations (initial or follow-up) made on the day of the scheduled appointment. 

If an initial consult was cancelled, the deposit will be held. If the consult was a follow-up, an invoice will be sent which will need to be paid within 7 days of the cancelled booking.