Follow-Up Consultation (Offsite)

45-60 minutes – $100

A review consultation to assess treatment progression and to provide further guidance going forth.

This is available for EXISTING clients.

To schedule a consultation with me, click

or call 1800 96 20 20.

Cancellation Fees:

A fee of $50 will incur for any cancellations (initial, follow-up, extended or review) made on the day of the scheduled appointment since that spot can now no longer be given to someone else.

Extended Consultation

90-120 minutes – $275

An extended consultation for EXISTING clients to investigate a client’s condition more deeply or for complex chronic conditions requiring more time.

Review Consult

30-45 minutes – $80

For pathology, questions, adjustments

Note: This is ONLY available for EXISTING clients and ONLY between regular follow-up consults.

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