How To Test Your Adrenals

Some of the tests that you can do for the adrenals are:

  1. The blood pressure test.

Take 2 measurements, one seated or lying down and one standing. Compare them. If there is a big difference, this may point to adrenal problems.

  1. The pupil test.

Point a light at your pupils. Watch it constrict, then watch it return to normal. If it gets small and quickly goes back to normal or flutters, then this could suggest a problem.

  1. The saliva test.

It is the most accurate method for assessing adrenal function. This useful and comprehensive laboratory test involves obtaining samples of saliva at four intervals throughout the day and tracking your circadian rhythm.

Adrenal-Fatigue-PatternsIt is very helpful, not only for identifying the problem, but also for tracking your progress in fixing it.