Your Mighty Immune System

More than 70% of your immunity lives in your gut.

In most cases, your immune is used for good – keeping you safe from invading forces and defeating them with its defence weapons.

However, the immune system can be used for evil also – using its powerful weapons to harm the body, eventually producing chronic Inflammation and autoimmune disease.

Chronic inflammation is correlated with just about every disease known to man and autoimmunity is a deadly situation when our body is attacking the healthy tissue from the inside out.

Detoxification pathways can also become congested with excess mucous and waste, and a sluggish lymphatic system will be unable to quickly clear the body of this matter. As a result, none of your systems will function well (digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, as well as immune system).

When the immune system is in a weakened state, it can become hypersensitive and over-reactive to everything your body, skin, gut, and respiratory system comes in contact with including fur, pollen, grass, dirt, mould, chemicals, and many foods.

We have a choice of how we choose to use our immune system. Every choice we make either contributes to our wellness or promotes disease within us.

So choose more sleep, water, and exercise, and choose less stress, toxins, medications, and negative behaviours.

Most importantly, choose good food, and eat locally and seasonally.

The wider your diet, the more you are exposed to, and your immune system can expand the knowledge of what is good for you and what is not.