What Is Your Thyroid Telling You?

I have always been interested in finding the root cause of disease. When I became sick about eight years ago with what I knew to be ‘typical thyroid symptoms’, I was very unfamiliar with the overall condition. Instinctively, I began the difficult quest of researching and evaluating everything I could get my hands on.

I soon learned that there were some clear discrepancies in regards to how thyroid disease was diagnosed and treated. I trusted my early TSH level reading (a common marker for thyroid function), which my doctor had told me was “fine and in the normal range”. I went on for a few more years still feeling unwell but still researching. I learned that more detailed tests were needed to explore the depth of a possible autoimmune thyroid condition. I asked my doctor (well, I actually insisted) to test for thyroid antibodies and to both our surprise (more my relief really), I was told I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Great I thought … Now I knew what was wrong with me, I could now get myself “fixed”. I asked that same doctor, “What do we do now with this understanding that I have antibodies against my thyroid?”. He simply said, “We need to wait and see … Eventually, your thyroid will not be able to cope and you’ll have to take a tablet for the rest of your life”.

Why would I wait for that I proclaimed.  That didn’t make any sense to me at all!

That was the day I turned my back on modern medicine. The day I started to go within for the answer.

My intuition brought me down the path of natural medicine and endless articles, research papers, journals, webinars, seminars, books, videos, and summits (I’m officially a summit junkie!).

I began to implement what I had learned and slowly my health began to improve. My autoimmune disorder that could not be healed was showing signs that a remission could be possible.

“But where did this condition come from”,  I asked. “Why did I have an autoimmune disease of the thyroid?”.

To answer these questions, I knew I needed to go even deeper with my research.

I found great insight when I discovered information about body organs and their relevant emotional connections.

The thyroid is all about balance – the balance in our lives to be exact. Somehow, I was out of balance. I was working incredibly long hours without much fun or rest. I kept pushing myself harder each day and I my diet was terrible.

I was also ‘attacking myself’ (typical in autoimmune conditions) in an area of my body responsible for communication and not speaking my truth. I was holding in the true words that I needed to say.

So, the obvious question was “What am I saying that’s not true?”.

At this point in time, I was the proud owner of my very own pharmacy – a business I had always dreamed of having. About three years into the business, I began feeling that I was not healing people – that I was just a pill supplier to people who trusted me with my advice.  I came to realize that there was much more to their healing than a simple tablet ‘fix’. In fact, I found that much of peoples problems were nutritional or linked to stress and past traumas.

I wanted to tell my customers to think twice about taking their medicines or to at least empower themselves and research more about their condition before putting their full faith in modern medicine. But, I was bound by my profession to dispense what was on the prescription and hand it over without any judgement. I made sure the doctor’s wishes were being met and that the patient complied with the regime.

I struggled with this daily. My actions did not match my belief. I was out of balance. I then ‘attacked myself’ verbally for not speaking the truth – for not being authentic and honest.

I did help many customers ‘open their eyes’ to alternative therapies with great success, but I needed to stay within the confines of my profession to avoid any backlash. I knew my potential was limited in this environment.

I stayed in business for over nine years but sadly left with an aggressive autoimmune disorder. I knew I couldn’t lie to myself anymore and I decided to focus on what my thyroid wanted me to do – to balance my life and to speak my truth.

And so began THE GUT DETECTIVE – the real me. Healing disease from within.

**If you’ve got this far – thank you for reading and I look forward to bringing you more information in the future.

Now, enjoy some much needed inspirational music…